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“In 2015, nearly 462 million envelopes will be mailed to over 37 million unique addresses across North America.”

Valpak of Garden State West

Deeply rooted in Morris & Sussex County for more than 35 years, Valpak of Garden State West’s team of Senior Marketing Consultants remains unchallenged in the area, offering a wealth of experience and neighborhood familiarity. Many of our consultants are residents of the territories they serve, bringing hyper-local perspective & custom tailored strategies to each client they advise. On average, each of our consultants has been with Valpak for 16 years, laying a foundation of experience that cannot be replicated.


Direct Mail

Delivering results with direct mail is something that Valpak has been doing for more than 45 years. Our high consumer awareness gets your ad noticed, with 82% of households receiving the Blue Envelope opening it and looking through the offers. We target your message so there is no wasted coverage, and ensure your message is sent with the right frequency. Our flagship Blue Envelope is sent to nearly 37 million households in the U.S. and Canada each month, targeted to homes with discretionary dollars to spend.


Digital Marketing

From websites to search advertising, Valpak is your one-stop shop for powerful marketing solutions that will grow your brand power and customer base. and the Valpak App extend the shelf life of your campaign, making it easy for consumers to find your offers where and when they are ready to make a purchase. Need help making your website mobile-friendly and getting found in search? We can help. Our expert influencers stay up to speed on digital industry trends so you don’t have to.


Marketing ROI & Performance Tracking

The proof is in the results. Our comprehensive performance tracking tools will show you how consumers respond to your marketing campaigns. Incoming calls, Web traffic and activity on your digital coupon are just a few of the ways we measure the success of your program. In a nutshell, the path to purchase is no longer linear. Consumers are influenced by more than one type of media and we’ve figured out how to track it all for you.